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Why Have a Homesitter to look after your home

When you’re away on holiday or on business, the last thing you should worry about is looking after your home. The likelihood of being burgled increases when the owner is away. This Range Security service is not only a convenient service to look after your home while you’re away but it also keeps up the appearance of a busy house. This is a house-sitting service with carefully selected employees trained specifically to care for your home and pets while you are away.
They’ll safeguard the security of the property and keep the house clean and tidy, water the houseplants and care for the garden, deal with callers, and look after all pets and livestock according to your instructions. This leaves you free from worry so you can make the most of your time away. 

Reasons to have Range Security move into your property:

· to allow your pets to remain in their familiar surroundings, following their normal routines

· to deter burglars, squatters and vandals

· to guard against frost and weather damage

· to keep your home aired and lived-in, and to keep your garden maintained in good order

· to meet insurance criteria

  to secure reduced insurance premiums

Domestic Assignments ... mainly instructed by home-owners

We look after fully-furnished homes while the owners are away. Many of these assignments include the care of domestic pets, poultry, farm livestock and gardens; the House Sitter is always suitably qualified for the allotted task.

Probate Assignments ... mainly instructed by executors or family

Properties are particularly vulnerable when awaiting probate – often with restricted insurance cover. We are well used to moving speedily to protect these high risk properties.

Special Projects ... mainly instructed by banks, building societies, estate agents and solicitors

We provide civilised caretakers to look after empty or sparsely furnished properties. Range Security undertake site-management responsibilities and ensure that the property is secure and well presented.

        Make sure your property is secure with Range Security.




House Sitting
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