Providing Uniformed Security since 1989


Range Security was formed on the 11th November 1989 and was founded by Jack and Kim Walmsley.


We are a reliable, professional, high profile Company, which changes to adapt specifically to the needs and requirements of your business, which are different with every customer, so we tailor our services to match their individual needs. This flexibility allows us to ensure that each and every customer receives the best guarding solution and that should their needs change, we can develop innovative solutions to new security concerns and address them accordingly.

Security is an investment in your business. As your business changes, so do your security requirements and so should your security investment. Range Security can quantify your security requirements, ensuring that you make the right investment decision. Our RANGE of services ensures the correct security solution is deployed for your Company at all times.

Trusting and relying on Security experts will help you protect against violent crimes. Let Range Security offer you their expertise and knowledge to bring Peace of Mind to your business.




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