Providing Uniformed Security since 1989
Range Security Services.
Range Security operates 24hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We provide Clients with Uniformed Security Officers to protect their property. We are a Company that likes to think it can provide any type of Security Service, which gives our company the flexibility that our clients have come to rely on. We are able to offer many services including the following:
1.     Static Uniformed Officers for internal/external duties.
2.     Retail Security Officers/Store Detectives.
3.     Reception Duties/Commissionaire duties.
4.     Functions Security i.e. Exhibitions, private functions/parties, concerts etc.
5.     Car park security.
6.     CCTV Monitoring.
7.     Fully Trained Guard Dogs.
8.     Mounted Section (Mainly for Large Private Estates or Parks & Gardens).
9.     Mobile Patrol Unit/Instant Response Unit.
10.   Helicopter Surveillance and VIP Travel
11.   Key holding.
12.  Security Consultancy.
Our Officers are equipped with a full Police-style uniform. Black trousers, white shirt, black tie, navy blue navel jumper, black jacket and black shoes. This is our basic uniform but if your company has its own preference, this can also be discussed. The store detectives are dressed according to their surroundings. The commissionaire is dressed in a full commissionaire uniform including lanyard.

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