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Range Security Mounted Section.


Range Security has been servicing the needs of local business since 1989 and has earned an enviable reputation for flexibility, which was why we started our Mounted Section.


Back in 1991, the Range Security Mounted Section was formed in response to the Security needs of a 97 acre woodland estate at Formby Hall (now known as Formby Hall Golf Club) off the Formby By-Pass in Merseyside. It proved to be a great success, dramatically reducing the incidence of trespassing, poaching, theft and vandalism. Such a vast area could not effectively have been patrolled on foot.


Since then, Range Security have gone on to secure many contracts with the Mounted Patrols, including the Leisure Lakes, which is a 100 acre park and Lakeland area open to  the public boasting a caravan park  and many public events, for which Mounted Patrols were used regularly.


Otterspool Promenade also proved to be very successful when we were employed by Miller Construction and North West Water to do Security Patrols on three main sites and several un-manned satellite sites in and around the Otterspool area. This proved to be very difficult on foot due to the vast and bushed areas where would-be thugs could hide. We tried security in vehicles, quads and bikes, all unsuccessfully due to the noise. We then brought in the Mounted Patrols, which had an immediate, dramatic effect, imposing a strong visual deterrent that worked!


Mounted Patrols are obviously not the answer to all security problems but, it forms a part of a company that can adapt to its clients requirements.




Mounted Section
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